In just a few days our church will be flooded with children who will have the opportunity to be guided through the Bible, hearing the Gospel and hope of salvation. Wow! What a privilege God has given us to reach the children in our communities. Many people have spent months praying and preparing for their arrival at Vacation Bible School on June 26. It is a gift that God has allowed us to be part of their story. We may never know what piece we play in each child’s life or what path they’re on, but the fact that God has put us into their journey is an honor.

The big lesson for Vacation Bible School this year is that God made each of us and has designed us for a purpose. I remember when I first read that (actually, I heard it in the theme song). I thought “how great is that! It will bring peace for the kids who are wondering ‘why am I here?’” It really resonated with me. You see, when I was little, I struggled with being shy and second-guessing everything. I was filled with anxiety about what others thought and about doing the “right” thing. I never thought that God specifically made me with a special purpose. Have you ever thought about that?

I’ve recently been relating things in my life back to this year’s VBS theme. Another idea came to me not long ago: I was created by God and uniquely designed by Him for a time right now. He didn’t just randomly put me here in 2017 with my husband and three sons; He purposely designed me for my husband, our sons, and for this very specific, exact day and all I will do today and beyond. Wow! Have you ever thought about that? No matter the role you play in any and every situation, you were specifically designed exactly for that moment. Boom! Mind blown!

So, God created me to be: the daughter of a steel mill worker, Vietnam vet, hardware store owner? The sister of an ER nurse who needs to share stories from work (while I gag at snot)? The mother of three boys who all love Legos, trains, and landscaping (while I don’t really enjoy any of that)? The wife of an analyst who never does anything without comparing and contrasting pros and cons (while I like to make a decision in seconds)? The homeschool mom who was once a high school English teacher? The woman who worries if she’s getting it all done? The friend who worries and cries for her friend’s health (while I often try to downplay my own issues)? The VBS director who looks like she is calm and cool but prays so much for every child and volunteer to have their life changed that she is often brought to tears when she hears their stories? Wow, what a privilege! Did God really design me for all that?

It isn’t just random that I find myself in the situations I’m in with the people I’m with or in the moments I’m in. God designed me for all these things on purpose! Those days when I want to go to bed and start over were not by accident. You and I were designed to be in those days. Doesn’t that free you and also humble you? God is in complete control and He knows what He’s doing; we just need to rest and rely on Him because He’s already got it figured out. This is why He has you here, now, today, in this situation. You are (in the words of this year’s VBS theme song) created by God, built for a purpose!

Like what you’re reading?

Kim Vucelich has served as the Vacation Bible School director since 2013, when she dressed up as Kim Possible for Spy Academy. The kids loved it so much it became her character ever since! She has been married to Steve for 24 years after they met at Geneva College in the publications department. Kim was the magazine editor and Steve ran the newspaper. Together they published the 1993 yearbook in which Steve proposed to Kim in the editorial! Together they have three sons, Ben (17), Josh (14), and Mark (11) that they homeschool. The Vucelich family has been members of Grace since 2000. In Kim’s spare time she loves cooking and helping people plan their Disney World vacations. Right now she is busy canning jams while directing VBS.

Volunteer registration for Vacation Bible School 2017 closes on Sunday, June 11. Registration for children and students entering K–Grade 8 closes Sunday, June 18, but walk-ins are welcome during VBS week. Visit VacationBible.School for more information and to register!

Please Note November 18 is Thanksgiving Sunday, and we’ll be having one worship service at 10:00 a.m.