Mortar, when laid, feels gritty and coarse; Eating raw meat’s not a thing I’d endorse. With cooking and building so is it with art. Flour alone is unpalatable. But without it, your cake is missing the part That makes it a cake. Consider the whole.

Building-blocks ooze, often they smell, Sometimes the urge to run up and quell The noisomest source is too much to bear. Remember: mold thrives on an outdated cheese — Beauty can stem from rottenest fare — Fall’s greatest artists are rotting corpse-leaves.

The God of the broken, the beaten, and torched, This God, who would speak through a stubborn half-horse, Works to make glorious darkest affairs. The addicts, the homeless, those forced to be whores, Those who can’t climb up society’s stairs, These He will use to fling wide heaven’s doors.

Listen to those who have something to say, Don’t be turned off when their language decays. Often God speaks through mere servants, not kings, And not every person with wisdom to have Will look very good. No, they may not wear rings And perhaps it’s been years since their most recent bath

And the stink of them brings runny tears to your eyes. But the Prophets wore rags and weren’t inside Societal circles with power or range. Those who hold sway in God’s kingdom, you see, Are afterthoughts here. But soon that will change. The forest of Jesus grafts Charlie Brown trees.

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Danny Nathan grew up at Grace participating in the music and worship ministry. He’s currently a worship leader, leading people into worship in a variety of venues, including our modern worship service and student ministry gatherings. Danny is a graduate of The Ohio State University with a degree in English. In June 2016, Danny married his high school sweetheart Alli.