Do you ever have moments in your life that make you feel old? I did the math this past week during the annual Momentum Youth Conference that we take our students to each summer. This was my 26th consecutive year of being a part of this conference. I started attending so long ago that I remember when it wasn’t even called Momentum (in those days it was called Brethren National Youth Conference, also known as BNYC since we Brethren love to turn everything into an acronym). I first attended BNYC as a 13-year-old. I’ll let you do the math as to how old I am now.

Each year God used the time at these conferences—both as a student and then later as a leader—to speak to my heart. There were times He convicted me of things in my life that weren’t right. There were times He drew me closer to Him and showed me just how loved I am, no matter what. There were times He clearly called me to follow Him in obedience.

This year was no different, but what I think made this year even more special for me was that I saw Him do these same things not only in my heart but in the hearts of everyone in our group. This was truly a special week, and it was a joy to be a part of it with our volunteer leaders and high school students.

I had the joy of watching students confess and repent of sins and walk in a new freedom in Christ. I had the joy of seeing our students worship and fall in love with God and His Word all over again. I had the joy of seeing students (eight of them, to be exact) commit to pursuing to serve God in full-time Christian ministry in the years ahead.

In a previous Pastors’ Blog post that I shared just before our group went to Momentum, I said that my hope and prayer was that our students would have the opportunity to slow down, hear God’s truth, and respond to Him out of love. Well, God answered those prayers and even more!

3 John 4 I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth.

My heart echoes that same sentiment. While none of the students who went to Momentum with our group are biologically my own, my heart is full of joy because of the ways in which God worked and how our students responded.

I would encourage you to take some time to watch some of the main sessions from our week at Momentum. While you might only get to catch a glimpse of how God was at work during the week, God might also use something from these sessions in a powerful way to impact your life as well.

Lastly, would you continue to pray for our students? While saying yes to God isn’t always easy, it can be even more challenging to continue to say yes to Him after students are home from Momentum—when everyday life begins again. They need loving adults to encourage them, mentor them, pray for them, and continue to model a life of love and trust in God. Maybe that adult is you.

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Matt Vosberg is the Pastor of Student Ministries. He and his family moved to Columbus in 2009. His wife, Marianne, is a native Buckeye, while Matt hails from northern Indiana. Together they have three young children. Both attended and met at Grace College. Matt worked for Youth for Christ in northern Indiana for four years before serving as a Youth Pastor in Pennsylvania for five years. Matt studied Youth Ministry and Counseling (Grace College).