Shoes & Shields

Our orders are to take up the armor of God, to stand firm, and we do this through a peace-making Gospel and a faith that shields.

Don’t Miss the Christ of Christmas

It’s easy to be all mushy gushy at Christmas with the baby Jesus. Christmas is a cultural holiday that nine out of ten Americans celebrate. Americans marvel at a baby in a manager, but we cringe at a Christ on a cross.

God’s Promises for the Ages

During this season, let’s be more than just “good Americans” who eat turkey, watch football, and say a token Thanksgiving prayer before the festivities. Our thankfulness is rooted deeper than our citizenship; it’s born out of our rebirth!

Why Does the Reformation Matter?

500 years is a long time. Enough time to forget the meaning and significance of certain events. It’s also the right time. The right time to remember and consider the meaning and significance of certain events.

The Mission and New Leaders

Our vision at Grace includes New Life, New Growth, New Leaders, and New Churches. We love having college interns around and it is one way we seek to fulfill this call of investing in new leaders.