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No One Like Him: Jesus Heals Many

Jesus displays God’s power in the most vulnerable moments of life.
He shows even greater power to change the destiny of your life.

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God and Mass Killing

How can a loving God condone or even command the killing of whole groups of people? If we are to trust a deity who seems vengeful, how can we reconcile this with our sense of compassion and justice?

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Supremacy Revealed: Elijah & the Prophets of Baal

God is jealous for His glory. His revelation demands response.

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Futile Resistance: Balaam’s Donkey

Resisting God is an exercise in futility. Trusting God is an embrace of blessing.

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Between a Rock and a Hard Place: Israel Crossing the Red Sea

A healthy fear of God leads to a holy faith in God. The power of God compels the trust of His people.

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Providential Protection: The Birth & Rescue of Moses

God provides for His people in order to protect His plan.

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Ridiculous Obedience: Abraham & Isaac

Abraham worshiped God with his actions because he trusted God with his whole heart.

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Reaching Beyond

God loves to be dared by the trust of His people.

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New Year’s Consecration

A panel of our pastors and their wives share biblical wisdom about the new year.

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The Prince of Peace

If you know the King, then you will know peace.

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