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Showing Your Loyalties

Pastor Mike talks about local church membership and changes at Grace

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Declaring Your Identity: Belonging

Have you embraced the invitation, and obeyed the command, of believers’ baptism in declaration of Jesus Christ’s saving work in your life?

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The True Life-Giver

The only object worthy of our worship and able to give life is
a Person…Jesus Christ.

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From Alone to Adopted

The resurrection of Jesus offers us the Living God. He embraces all who will cling to Him. Those who do cannot contain their joy!

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From Pitied to Purpose

God transforms our dysfunctional lives to give us grand purposes in Jesus Christ!

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Treasures and the Treasure: Exalting God with our Posessions

God has made us for His purposes, and He owns everything that He’s given to us. He expects that everything that He owns be given, by His people, to things that matter.

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