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Who Can Access God’s Favor?

Favor with God comes by genuine trust, for the greatest individuals and for the least.

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How Can Sinners Be Righteous Before God?

Personal trust in Jesus Christ enables a righteous standing before God.

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Who Stands Condemned Apart from the Gospel?

We stand condemned before the righteous wrath of God.

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How Can I Possibly Honor God?

Before the judgment of God, none of us possess a “get out of jail free” card.

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What is the Evidence for Our Rebellion?

Because we have not acknowledged God, He has released us to swim in our own chosen cesspool…every one of us.

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What’s Wrong with the World…and with Us?

All of humanity has willfully cheated God out of His rightfully-deserved worship.

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How the Gospel Transforms Our Passions

To be touched by the Gospel is to be transformed by the Gospel.

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Is Your Gospel Actually Good News?

The good news you embrace must be the good news God gave…or it isn’t really good news.

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Firm Foundation

We cannot reach beyond effectively and fruitfully unless we are anchored in the foundation that is Jesus Christ.

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Telltale Signs of a New Community

For followers of Jesus, what’s next is determined by who—and whose—we are.

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