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When a Church Goes All In

Are we willing to go big and go broke, in order to go forward with the Great Commission?

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Families on Mission

Godly parents raise their children on purpose—to release them for God’s Great Commission.

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Marching Orders

From whom are you taking your life’s marching orders?

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You’re Not Alone

The Spirit of Jesus in you is better than the resurrected Jesus with you.

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Who Are You Looking For?

The Risen Jesus stands before you. Do you clearly see Him? Are you appropriately responding to Him?

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Examining Life’s Bucket List

Jesus came for a purpose like none other. His invitation offers us a life like none other.

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Unchained & Unhindered: Paul & Silas in Prison

When the Gospel is unleashed, it penetrates deeply and spreads widely.

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Not Beyond Reach: Saul’s Conversion

God can change the most unlikely hearts and use the most unlikely people.

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Who’s On The Throne?: The Rich Young Ruler

Surrender to Jesus motivates a grateful and generous life.

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No One Like Him: Jesus Heals Many

Jesus displays God’s power in the most vulnerable moments of life.
He shows even greater power to change the destiny of your life.

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