Lisa Anglea

This recent widow talks about the challenges she faced after being diagnosed with breast cancer on the heels of her husband’s death…and the strength God gave her to face each day.

Beau & Stacey Stanley

Young parents tell the story of a complicated pregnancy, and how God used their situation to strengthen their trust in His goodness.

Kim Vucelich

A normally vivacious wife and mom talks about being diagnosed with a rare type of cancer, and how God renewed her faith in His plan.

Kirk & Jenn Iler

Blending two households is never easy…especially when it comes to money! The Ilers have learned a lot about managing their finances together through the Compass ministry.

Caleb Green

This young adult talks about working as an intern at Grace, and sharing the Gospel to the local community through garden-planting.

Jack & Evon Gross

Raising two sons with special needs has its share of joys and struggles. The Gross’ talk about their experience, and how Grace has ministered to them.

Tom & Lisa Anglea

Tom’s fight against brain cancer has challenged the Anglea family. But God has shown His love for them through the prayer and support of both their church and school families.

Gretchen Horstman

Hear about ministering to international students as an English conversation partner from someone who has lots of experience!

ECC Outreach

Several parents describe their experiences at the Grace Early Childhood Center, and how it has impacted their families.

Jim & Cookie Driscoll

Coming to know Jesus later in life, the Driscoll’s reflect on how their relationship developed, and about how they came to be part of Grace Polaris Church.