Celebrating Changed Lives at Momentum

Each year God used the time at these conferences—both as a student and then later as a leader—to speak to my heart. This year was no different, but what I think made this year even more special for me was that I saw Him do these same things not only in my heart but in the hearts of everyone in our group.

The Clothes We Wear

Just like the clothes we put on in the morning stay with us throughout our day, how we clothe ourselves spiritually each day stays with us as well.


Jesus becoming man was more than just a cool social experiment of having God walk among us. It was the moving forward of God’s rescue plan.

Sometimes We’re a Mess

We learned in order to live a victorious life as a follower of Jesus, we need to partner with Him. We need His power in our lives because we can’t ever have victory on our own, but we also need to strive for holiness and a partnership with Him.

Build Some Momentum

There’s something really special about taking some time away from the normal routine of life and opening our hearts to what God wants to say to us. Conferences, retreats, and ministry trips like this are opportune times for students to hear God’s voice in a fresh way.

Kalahari—A Change of Pace and Place

Our students had an opportunity to change their pace and change their place this past weekend. We joined around 2,000 other students and their leaders from all over Ohio at the Kalahari Retreat in Sandusky, OH in order to help foster a new spiritual perspective in the hearts of our students.

I Can’t Get No…Satisfaction

Imagine you had accumulated unlimited wealth and power at a very young age. What kinds of things would you do, and what would you pursue with your life? How would you spend your time? Most importantly, do you think the things you’d pursue would make you happy and bring lasting satisfaction?