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The Mirror

Most of us probably have a love-hate relationship with mirrors. They help us look our best, but they also reveal our worst.

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Do the Self-Righteous Need the Gospel Too?

Whether blatantly rebellious or sophisticatedly moralistic, no one is righteous on their own before God. We are all guilty.

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Krispy Kreme, Pizza, & Ice Cream Sandwiches

Temptation. We can’t escape it. It bombards us from all angles and in all varieties. Even Jesus was tempted. How do we battle and overcome it like He did?

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Déjà Vu All Over Again

You can be faithful through the curveballs of life when you embrace the Author of your story.

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Where Everyone Knows Your Name

We all want to be known deeply…and still loved and accepted. I believe those desires are universal—hardwired into the very fabric of our souls. I believe this to be true because God made us that way!

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Why Does Church Membership Matter?

Through the years I’ve been asked the question, “Does church membership matter?” I’ve even asked the question myself. I mean, where in the Bible to we find a verse exhorting us to join an official church membership roll?

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I Promise!

“I promise.” Those are words you rarely hear from my mouth, and my upbringing has everything to do with it. My parents placed a premium on the truth. Lying was not tolerated. A promise was sacred and not to be spoken casually.

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Sun, Moon, & Star Wars: The Sun Stands Still

God created the universe, and has the power to do anything in it according to His character.

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The Promised King

Jesus is the Wonderful Counselor, the Mighty God, and the Everlasting Father.

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Have you ever been caught off guard? I mean completely, out of nowhere, “where did that come from?” off guard? I’m sure you have. You may have memories flooding back right now.

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