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When Does the Easy Part Come?

My name is Jack and I am a recovering que sera sera Christian. I wonder how many other que sera sera Christians are squandering the privilege of being on mission for Jesus Christ. That’s the word that really catches in my throat: “privilege.”

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Speaking Without Speech

You never know what’s around the corner, as the saying goes. Neither did I know what was on the other side of the door as I was departing a skilled nursing center recently.

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What Am I Waiting For?

Grocery store lines are comprised of human beings, people with eternal souls who need to hear the Gospel. They aren’t barriers; they’re image-bearers.

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Unity and Peace: Does My Effort Matter?

Have you heard of the traditional “seven deadly sins?” It’s likely you have, but have you heard of the seven so-called “heavenly virtues?” One of these heavenly virtues makes healthy disciple-making relationships possible.

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Now What Pleases You?

When something dawns on you for the first time, do you get that take-your-breath-away feeling? “Breathtaking” as an adjective is like “amazing.” It’s sort of like having a heart palpitation which catches your breath for a moment. New insights can be overwhelming!

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The Deep-Water Challenge: Plunge In and Demonstrate Confidence

The prospect of adversity tends to intimidate us into giving up the fight rather than challenging us to confidently soldier on through exhausting trials. But that’s one of the reasons God has given us leaders who help us when we can’t touch the bottom any longer.

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Another Day, Another Drip: Enduring Challenges Produce Endurance

The drip, drip of problems never stop despite wrenching the nut tighter. Yet followers of Jesus can be calm in their hearts because of the peace of God which He gives to those He is transforming day by day.

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