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Another Day, Another Drip: Enduring Challenges Produce Endurance

The drip, drip of problems never stop despite wrenching the nut tighter. Yet followers of Jesus can be calm in their hearts because of the peace of God which He gives to those He is transforming day by day.

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Comfort and Triumph in the Gospel of Jesus Christ

If the Christian theist acting as apologist simply gives a defense for the Christian faith, the bulwark of Christianity is effectively pushed aside.

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He is a Gentle Servant

About 750 years before Jesus came to earth, the prophet Isaiah anticipates the savior’s coming. Isaiah 42 presents Jesus as a gentle savior.

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The Gentle Servant

Jesus is God’s gentle Servant, who brings peace, light, and freedom.

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Thanksgiving in the World of Middle School

There will always be turkey trivia games to play and Thanksgiving foods to blend together and taste test, but the thing that will hopefully stick in our minds is the phrase “attitude of gratitude.”

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Partner of Your Heart

Just as the gold does not naturally rid itself of impurity—and in fact exists comfortably in its natural environment bonded to the impurities—so we also will not naturally be able to rid ourselves of the impurities that exist comfortably in our hearts.

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Teaching Grace

Could it be that the modern-day evangelical Christian puts too much of an incorrect emphasis on grace? No doubt, this seems like a rather dangerous question to pose at first glance. We may ask ourselves, “How could the pinnacle of salvation, being grace, possibly be over-emphasized?”

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