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Going, Going…Gone!

Every summer Grace Polaris Church sends out short-term teams to engage in new cultures among new people for the sake of the Gospel. Participants hope to draw nearer to Christ and have an impact for Him in a variety of locations among a number of different types of people.

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The Starting Points

Before we worry about God’s specific calling on our lives and the slice of the Great Commission He’s calling us to pursue, let’s make sure we are engaging in the essential disciplines of a Great Commission Christian.

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Deployment Discovery

Jesus has a claim and a calling on the rest of your life. Are you discovering the details of enlistment?

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A Call to the Nations

During my visit to Encompass World Partners’ headquarters, my heart was stirred by the clarity of the call God has given His people to “go therefore and make disciples of all nations.” It is evident from Genesis to Revelation that God is jealous for His name to be exalted to the ends of the earth.

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Our Mission Isn’t Changing

Let’s be reminded of what God has truly called us to…not a building, not a capital campaign, not building our own kingdom. God has called us to multiply devoted followers of Jesus, and we are committed to chasing after that calling no matter what!

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Disciple-Making Motivation

When you think about pursuing the disciple-making process, what gets you motivated? What drives you to want to share the good news and introduce people to Christ? Or, another way to think about it: in moments of discouragement, how do you keep going?

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post-thumbnail-blog-reaching the least reached without leaving our city

Reaching the Least Reached Without Leaving Our City

We believe God is able to do more than we can ask or imagine. We believe God is able to change hearts of stone into hearts of flesh. We believe that God is able to do the things that look impossible to us!

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Disciple-Making Obstacles

We are over a month into 2017, so I challenge you to consider what things get in the way of you being an ambassador for Christ in your workplace, in your neighborhood, in our city, and around the world.

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Passion That’s Contagious

Going into my recent trip I had some high expectations and hopes for what I might learn while in Haiti. However, I think I may have learned something even more beneficial and profound that wasn’t on my original list.

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Disciple-Making Reboot

As we begin the new year, rededicate yourself to the endeavor of reaching those who don’t yet know Christ.

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