Don’t Waste Your Grill

You may be wondering why I am singing the grill’s praises on the Training Resources Blog. The reason is that there is one use of the grill I haven’t mentioned yet: gathering people.

Are You Ready?

A thief is coming in the night. You aren’t sure when, but His coming is imminent. It could be at any moment. It could be today, tomorrow, five years from now or even longer.

Giving It All for the Gospel

I fear coming to the end of my days and feeling that I have nothing to show for my many years of toil on earth. I fear the regret that I spent my life focused on and worried about all the wrong things while missing what really mattered.

The Heart of It All

Recently something has begun to change in my walk with Christ. I have been challenged to see the primacy of the heart and the affections in following Jesus. Similar to what happened as a new believer, a specific verse and a specific book have been significant in beginning this revolution in my life.

A Bleak Look at Black Friday

Black Friday is almost like a national holiday in America. Many offices are closed and many people use vacation days to enjoy an extended weekend away from work. Some of those people, and maybe some of you, spend the day shopping as they seek to take advantage of special holiday sales to complete their Christmas shopping.

The Anti-Disciple Maker

How many of the people wandering the halls of our building on a Sunday morning have taken in far more knowledge than they’ve actually been able to apply? How many people are going from class to class and sermon to sermon gathering information that isn’t leading to transformation?