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The Family Invention

As a part of a family, you have responsibilities. You have a role to play. The family of God needs you and you need the family of God. What an amazing invention, God’s family…and we get to be part of it!

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The Top Ten Pastors’ Blog Posts of 2016

If you’ve been a regular reader of this blog, thank you! I trust a few of these posts may remind you of some challenges you’ve received. If you only occasionally stumble upon the Pastors’ Blog, maybe you’ll be encouraged by some things you’ve missed.

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It’s a New Year—Make it a Great One!

There’s no magic formula to follow to make sure you can sustain the excitement and energy of a new or renewed relationship with Jesus. A simple “New Year’s” resolution won’t do the trick.

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Making Sense of the Senseless

We all want to know why. We all want to try to fit a senseless tragedy into a sensible little box that we can wrap our minds and emotions around.

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Jesus Doesn’t Cry Wolf

You’ve probably heard the story many times before and the lesson still rings true. A person who does not consistently tell the truth cannot be trusted, even if they do at times choose to tell the truth.

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In ALL Circumstances

A funny thing happens when you are feeling near death (whether my feelings were unfounded or not, I was scared): the things you take for granted are greatly appreciated.

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God is Not Surprised

We think He is surprised by what He may stumble upon. We say that He is sovereign, but our attitudes say otherwise. We say that He’s in control, but we take matters into our own hands.

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Sharpening Our Focus

Retreats are valuable and every follower of Jesus should take time to withdraw to a safe place to refocus, refresh, reflect, and even retool.

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A Fork in the Road

As I drove, the scenery wasn’t going to indicate that the direction on the highway I was driving was wrong. I wasn’t going to feel like my choice was wrong; after all, it was my sense of direction that lead me to where I was.

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Advanced Leadership Training Stories

Jeff, Michael, and Esther share how Advanced Leadership Training has equipped them to reach beyond in sharing the Gospel with others. They encourage everyone to take action and share about Jesus in any context. Learn more about Advanced Leadership Training at GracePolaris.org/Training.

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