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Dirk Gently and the Clarity of Christ

Christ doesn’t give us all the answers. Much like the characters in the show, we only know what we need to know in order to pick up our cross and follow.

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Regarding People

The goal in discipleship is to be neither a cynic nor an optimist, per se, but to be a realist looking through the lens of the Spirit’s power. What I mean is that our attitude toward someone’s growth must be dependent on God’s promise to will and to work, not on the immediate results we currently see.

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My Dental Identity

My worth is not built on how I look or how I act. It’s not based on my perfect smile or my perfect law keeping. It’s built on how God has chosen to deal with me in Christ.

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Charlie Brown Trees

The God of the broken, the beaten, and torched,
This God, who would speak through a stubborn half-horse,
Works to make glorious darkest affairs.

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The Art(s) of Discipleship

With the exception of the occasional Mozart born every few decades, everyone needs a teacher to show them how to master their art. I’ve had writing teachers and music teachers my whole life. A French horn was just a useless hunk of metal until my teacher taught me how to use it in the way its designer intended.

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Playing the Long Game

We live in a country of immediacy. We all know this and it’s constantly bemoaned or praised by sources begging us to slow down and smell the flowers or pushing us to speed up and smell the new iPhone.

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The Things We Endure

A devoted follower of Jesus must love His Church for her deepest universal and spiritual reality, her mission, and her true essence: the people. This doesn’t mean ignoring or not addressing a local church’s flaws; it means that a focus on the transcendent splendor of Christ and His bride will cause these flaws to be less central.

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Until the Other…

Perhaps this relational depth is most difficult because it gives that person permission to speak into our life the same way—to tell us the things we need to hear but don’t want to. It’s one of the beautiful pains of being a part of the Body of Christ.

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Nine Tips for Becoming a Better Reader

While reading does come more naturally to some than others, I do think there are things everyone can do to improve their reading in both frequency and quality. You can become a reader.

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This Entropic Motel

Entropy glorifies God by dissatisfying us until we seek something better; it drives us to seek the reality we know is supposed to be. It reveals God as the only perfection, the only ideal, the truest reality, and the only One who can fill our longing for permanence and perfection. He is what is supposed to be.

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