A Properly Aimed Effort

If sanctification is the active work of intentional and ongoing submission to God’s transformative power, then self-sufficiency is poisonous. In fact, it’s the antithesis of sanctification.

Who Changes Me?

Sanctification is a concept that is simple in principle but somewhat more complex in practice. Most broadly, sanctification is the process that takes place after conversion by which the Christian is grown into maturity and transformed into the fullness of Christ.

Stop Yelling at Your Foot

Imagine a man who has no feeling in his feet. Unbeknownst to the man, chunks of broken glass litter the floor of his house. This man without feeling in his feet continually walks on the floor barefoot, and it lacerates his feet quite fiercely.

Untitled Poem

The tattered, filthy, stinky man
Slumps against the dumpster.
His eyes are glazing, glassy, and
His hair is mussed and knotted.

Beholding Christ

How do I increase my desire for something? Desire is kind of a slippery thing and it’s not entirely controllable. Often, we have to approach it in a roundabout way. But I think with Christ it’s not as complex as it may seem.

Finding My Pooh Zen

In Christ there’s freedom from the trap of being defined by what I do or what I’ve done. This doesn’t mean I’m not responsible for what I do, but it does mean that my truer identity is secure and unaffected by me.

Regarding People

The goal in discipleship is to be neither a cynic nor an optimist, per se, but to be a realist looking through the lens of the Spirit’s power. What I mean is that our attitude toward someone’s growth must be dependent on God’s promise to will and to work, not on the immediate results we currently see.

My Dental Identity

My worth is not built on how I look or how I act. It’s not based on my perfect smile or my perfect law keeping. It’s built on how God has chosen to deal with me in Christ.