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Playing the Long Game

We live in a country of immediacy. We all know this and it’s constantly bemoaned or praised by sources begging us to slow down and smell the flowers or pushing us to speed up and smell the new iPhone.

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The Things We Endure

A devoted follower of Jesus must love His Church for her deepest universal and spiritual reality, her mission, and her true essence: the people. This doesn’t mean ignoring or not addressing a local church’s flaws; it means that a focus on the transcendent splendor of Christ and His bride will cause these flaws to be less central.

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Until the Other…

Perhaps this relational depth is most difficult because it gives that person permission to speak into our life the same way—to tell us the things we need to hear but don’t want to. It’s one of the beautiful pains of being a part of the Body of Christ.

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Nine Tips for Becoming a Better Reader

While reading does come more naturally to some than others, I do think there are things everyone can do to improve their reading in both frequency and quality. You can become a reader.

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This Entropic Motel

Entropy glorifies God by dissatisfying us until we seek something better; it drives us to seek the reality we know is supposed to be. It reveals God as the only perfection, the only ideal, the truest reality, and the only One who can fill our longing for permanence and perfection. He is what is supposed to be.

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A Quick Summary

The ability to summarize helps us train and teach others because it is essentially the act of teaching ourselves. It only makes sense; put a complex concept in simple terms and it will be more accessible to me as well as others.

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A Glorious Confidence

God is glorified when I, overwhelmed by my sin and drowning in my incompetence in a darker place than I ever thought possible, come to Him anyway with confidence that He will receive me lovingly as the person He has declared me to be.

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Screwtaping Shakespeare

Satan tells us “honest trifles.” He’s truthful about the possible gain of certain sinful actions, but he doesn’t tell us the whole story. The incredible destruction sin can cause is the real story of sin, but his temptations rave about only what we can get from sin.

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God Helps Those Who Can’t Help Themselves

Dangerous ideas within faith often persist because they sound and feel vaguely religious. They tend to scratch our selfish itches in subtle ways, allowing us to still feel like we’re being very Christian while serving ourselves.

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My Gracious Dermatitis (Grace-a-titis)

What my flesh craves is not what God destined me for, nor what He knows is best for me. He has not only rescued me from my sin, but He continues to save me from myself…

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