God Sure Has a Big Heart

With all my sins needing forgiveness, His love is big enough to handle that. For all the billions of people in the world, there was still room for one more — me — to be in His heart. He has a big heart.

One Thing Missing

Can there be anything worse than a husband promising his wife he’ll pick up items on her grocery list on his way home, then when she’s unpacking the bags she says, “Where’s the milk? That was first on my list!”

Should I Take it to Court?

Christians are tempted to use lawsuits to satisfy covetousness or seek revenge. But, using lawsuits for that purpose would leave us feeling like the Rolling Stones used to sing, “I can’t get no satisfaction.”

On My Mother’s Side / On My Father’s Side

When Jesus was just 12 years old He fascinated the leading theologians of His day with a lengthy discussion in the temple. They were astounded by His perception of spiritual concepts. Use your imagination and step into the temple at Jerusalem in about the year 10 A.D. You might hear an amazing conversation that may have gone something like this…

Japanese Mercy During WWII

“Name some historical events involving the Japanese during World War II.” If that were a survey question, most Americans wouldn’t get beyond remembering Pearl Harbor. And many would remember the date it happened, December 7.

That Makes Me So Mad!

I get ticked off when I see an injustice; you do too, we all do. Of course, our anger comes in various shades of colors. It ranges from a slightly pale irritability to blaring red-hot rage.