Electronic Help for Prayer

Here’s a common but unfortunate scenario that happens often amongst followers of Jesus: person A asks person B to pray for her, and person B agrees, all the while knowing that she will probably forget to do this.

Engaging the Struggle

As much as we appropriately emphasize grace — a ubiquitous concept in the Bible — if we want to make disciples of men in particular, we will do well to emphasize the hardship and struggle of the Christian life, and that such struggle is very good.

In Defense of Wearing Green

Next year when Saint Patrick’s Day comes around, you might be excited about the holiday or you might not be enthused about all that accompanies it in here the States (I’m told it’s much more solemn in Ireland). You might not even have a drop of Irish blood.

Nearsighted and Farsighted Disciple Making

With all the emphasis we’ve placed on disciple making and the Great Commission, some common and understandable misconceptions persist. Disciple makers must understand their “target,” but some of us remain farsighted while others remain nearsighted.

Grasping the Promise

Given the amount of information we process, as well as our human tendency toward immediate gratification, we might chalk this promise up to be something to consider down the road. But this would be a mistake.