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A Two-Week Tango with Pareto and Parkinson

In the last two weeks, I hung out with a dead Italian economist and a guy whose name is more associated with a disease than with productivity.

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A Working Vacation

Camping has become a “thing” for the Stanley family. Each of the last several summers we have spent at least three days away in a state park campground, and the memories are great. The kids love it, the adults get to unwind and unplug, and things just happen at an altogether different pace.

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Label the Bones

For those who want to make disciples, labeling the bones is an expression of that foundational instructional skill we call synthesis, which allows us to move the concepts of Scripture into the hearts of people and the contexts they understand.

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A Humble Continuity

A degree of adaptation and change is appropriate as decades and generations come and go, but it seems wise to temper our passion for progress with humility as we look simultaneously to the past and the future.

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The Fighter Verses App: A Powerful Tool for Memorization

Scripture tells the truth, and memorizing it can be a means for us to recall this truth amidst the lies we hear and tell ourselves.

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Why Competency isn’t Enough

What images come to your mind when you hear the word “training?” An athletic setting? A corporate on-ramp? A server shadowing another at a restaurant?

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How to Apply Jesus’ Statement, “Judge Not, that Ye be Not Judged”

It’s pretty common to hear someone quote or paraphrase Matthew 7:1, in which Jesus says, “Judge not, that ye be not judged.“ Often the person quoting the passage is objecting to being criticized for his behavior.

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The Goodness of Work

Work is good. Let that sink in for just a moment. Yes, there are angry customers. Yes, there are mechanical breakdowns. Yes, there are miscommunications, unjust promotions, and blowout diapers. But work is good.

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The Difficulty of Work

The toil of work is an important biblical concept God establishes here, very early in the Scriptures. God probably never meant for work to be easy, but now it’s genuinely tough, and even under the curse of God.

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The Nature of Work

Anytime we are exerting ourselves to manage God’s creation—whether that’s creating Excel spreadsheets, hauling wood, or changing diapers—we are working.

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