17jan - 14febAll DayPDHC Baby Bottle Drive

17jan - 13marAll DayGrace Groups

12feb6:30 PM- 9:00 PMCouples’ Night Out

12feb7:30 PM- 9:00 PMA Night at the Cinema

13feb4:00 PM- 7:30 PMRecharge!

14feb8:30 AM- 9:30 AMGrace Polaris U

14feb8:30 AM- 12:45 PMGraceKIDS

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Pastors’ Blog

  • post-thumbnail-blog-stepping-into-the-fire
    Stepping into the “Fire”
    Mike Yoder—February 10

    The greater the degree to which we saturate our minds with the truths about how Jesus will come, how He will defeat all evil, how we will have resurrected bodies, how we will dwell eternally secure in God’s pure and holy presence, the greater will be our ability to have peace, hope, and boldness in the difficult times of the present because we will see them for what they are.

  • post-thumbnail-blog-what-is-ash-wednesday
    What is Ash Wednesday?
    Dan Green—February 8

    In Brazil, where I lived and worked for 15 years, it was common to see people put ashes on their forehead on Ash Wednesday—a day that is observed which coincides with the end of Carnival (Mardi Gras). For many, they sought forgiveness for the sins they committed during Carnival.

  • post-thumbnail-blog-center-of-attention
    Center of Attention
    David Nicodemus—February 5

    Matt Paradis. Ryan Kalil. If you’re a casual observer of football, you have no idea who these two men are. For all you know, I may have just listed the names of my next door neighbor and my mailman. These two men will very likely go unnoticed on Super Bowl Sunday.

  • post-thumbnail-blog-flawed-authorities
    Flawed Authorities
    Mike Yoder—February 3

    We can learn a lot from Daniel’s example because for most of us, in our freedom-of-speech-loving, tell-it-like-it-is-speaking, throw-the-bums-out-thinking America, honor and well-intentioned prayers for flawed individuals in authority don’t come easily. In fact, they grate against our sensibilities and reason.

  • post-thumbnail-blog-Umm-Its-Not-a-Groundhog-Related-Issue
    Umm…It’s Not a Groundhog-Related Issue
    Beau Stanley—February 1

    Groundhog Day is one of those quirky pieces of American culture that is easy to chuckle about. Who wouldn’t think that the length of winter is related to whether or not a groundhog returns to his burrow on February second?

  • Kalahari-Recap
    Kalahari—A Change of Pace and Place
    Matt Vosberg—January 29

    Our students had an opportunity to change their pace and change their place this past weekend. We joined around 2,000 other students and their leaders from all over Ohio at the Kalahari Retreat in Sandusky, OH in order to help foster a new spiritual perspective in the hearts of our students.

  • Sermon-Follow-Up---Coolheadedness
    Coolheaded Wisdom
    Beau Stanley—January 27

    This past Sunday we introduced our Lionhearted sermon series on Daniel 1–6, and if there was anything you took away from our sermon on Daniel 1, I hope it was the key idea: take a wise stand and expect good things.

  • Blue-Monday
    The Most Depressing Day of the Year
    Gary Webb—January 25

    “Blue Monday” is a non-agreed upon Monday in January which is considered by some to be the most depressing day of the year. The thought behind Blue Monday seems to be this: the holidays are over, credit card bills are rolling in, and possibly the winter “doldrums” (depending upon the hemisphere you live in) have set in.

  • These-Two-Things-I-Do
    These Two Things I Do?
    Bill Snell—January 22

    Eight miles from the cottage on Clear Lake is a place where the women insisted on going during our family vacation quite a few years ago. I (grandpa) went along to watch the two grandsons who were five and almost four at the time. It had been a while since I had the responsibility of watching two active boys…

  • Martin-Luther-King-Jr-Day
    The Gospel and Racial Reconciliation
    Zac Hess—January 18

    God’s plan is not just for one nation, people, group, or color but for all of them. In Jesus Loves the Little Children, we sing “red and yellow, black and white, they are precious in His sight” but we often live as if that’s not true.