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    Ears to Hear: From Idolatry to Intimacy
    Zac Hess—July 20

    Reward and intimacy are found in Christ alone.

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    Ears to Hear: Life and Death Matters
    Mike Yoder—July 13

    Perseverance through trials demonstrates faith in God and results in victorious life.

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    Ears to Hear: When Passion Fades
    Mike Yoder—July 6

    Jesus calls us to a life of fervor and faithfulness. Both are vital for victors.

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    Discovering the Diamond
    Mike Yoder—June 29

    When we discover Jesus, it is because God has found us. We receive the diamond of life.

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    Chasing Counterfeits
    Mike Yoder—June 22

    The story of our lives is the chasing of counterfeits.
    We need a new Author and Main Character in our story.

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    The Honor of Manly Responsibility
    Beau Stanley—June 15

    Men of honor lead by following.

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    Family Rites
    Mike Yoder—June 8

    Communion celebrates the spiritual connection of Jesus to His family and the family members to one another.

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    Leadership Matters
    Mike Yoder—June 1

    Good leadership follows the design of God and enables the many individuals to thrive.

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    Family Mentoring
    Mike Yoder—May 25

    When the relationships between Jesus’ family members reflect well on God, it demonstrates the power of the Gospel.

Pastors’ Blog

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    True Intimacy
    Zac Hess—July 23

    Every human being desires intimacy. Not only do we desire it, but we need it. There is something about life that is meant to be shared and experienced with other people.

  • post_thumbnail_blog_The-Eighth-Day-of-your-Week
    The Eighth Day in Your Week
    Beau Stanley—July 21

    While we can’t add hours to the day, we can do the equivalent. In fact, we may be able to effectively add a day or more to our week just by shifting the way we look at a single concept: ministry.

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    Pray for France and Portugal
    Dustin Speaks—July 18

    This summer Grace Polaris Church sent short-term teams to France and Portugal to come alongside long-term missionaries that we support in those nations. Our teams have returned, but we must press on in prayer for the nations of France and Portugal!

  • post_thumbnail_blog_Avoiding-Autopilot
    Avoiding Autopilot
    Gary Webb—July 14

    In last Monday’s blog post, In Parenting, Relationship Brings Influence!, I shared a few ideas to help build a growing and healthy relationship with your child. Step 1 of that process is a crucial one.

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    Discerning the Heart of Love
    Mike Yoder—July 9

    We live in a world awash in fanciful ideas about love. Listen to any song, watch any movie, hear any pop star interview, and you will come away with a lot of tepid vapor about the meaning of love. We all want it, but it seems as if most people have no idea what they’re talking about.

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    In Parenting, Relationship Brings Influence!
    Gary Webb—July 7

    “With relationship comes influence.” That’s a pretty bold statement! However, our super-busy lives that are filled with running here and there constantly, it’s hard to build relationship.

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    How Can You Pray During the World Cup?
    Dustin Speaks—July 4

    Wins, losses, goals, and saves will all fade out of our memory, but people remain. With that in mind, how can we pray for people during this worldwide event?

  • post_thumbnail_blog_A-God-Like-Us
    A God Like Us
    Mike Yoder—July 2

    Can God really relate to me? Does He really know or care what I am going through?

  • post_thumbnail_blog_Worst-Kind-of-Multitasking
    The Worst Kind of Multitasking
    Beau Stanley—June 30

    We recognize that those we serve and lead are created in the image of God, but our manner with them can treat them like tasks to juggle. People are not things or tasks, so we must not approach them as if they were.

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    30 Days of Prayer for the Muslim World
    Dan Green—June 27

    The 30 Days of Prayer guide will help you better understand the Muslim world and give you specific needs to pray for. Grab a copy of the guide and take advantage of this important time of year to impact the Muslim world!