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    I Can’t Get No…Satisfaction
    Matt Vosberg—November 27

    Imagine you had accumulated unlimited wealth and power at a very young age. What kinds of things would you do, and what would you pursue with your life? How would you spend your time? Most importantly, do you think the things you’d pursue would make you happy and bring lasting satisfaction?

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    A Thankful Heart
    David Nicodemus—November 25

    A wise man once said, “The mark of a mature believer is a thankful heart.” The Bible would confirm this statement, and Jesus would echo this truth. According to the account of the ten lepers in Luke, the ratio is just one out of ten.

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    Refugee Crisis: be Informed, be Biblical, be Christian
    Zac Hess—November 23

    Recent world events have begun a global discussion about refugees, immigration, terrorism, and global policy. Everyone seems to have an opinion on such matters and whether you’re at the water cooler or the steps of the U.S. Capitol, there’s a chance you’ve engaged in several of these discussions.

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    How Will God Use You this Holiday Season?
    Mike Yoder—November 20

    In case you haven’t heard: the holidays are upon us! Pastor Dustin and I, along with the pastoral staff at Grace, want to encourage you to think about ways you can use your time with others during Christmas and Thanksgiving to bring glory to God and lift up the name of Jesus.

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    Golden Opportunities
    Mike Yoder—November 18

    In the wake of the recent attacks in Paris, much of our social discourse is in the midst of a collective wrestling match about immigrants. The current presidential primary campaign adds fuel to the proverbial fire.

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    Hummingbirds and Magnificence
    Tim Waggoner—November 16

    This past summer, Jan and I have marveled at the flight patterns of sixteen hummingbirds in our backyard. We have observed their hovering, diving, darting, speeding, and periodic resting on a branch next to our hummingbird feeders.

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    A Dozen Costly Steps
    Bill Snell—November 13

    I’m not sure what caused me to look down, but what a shock I got! You should have seen the trail I had left. Every step I took after parking the car in the garage was visible…ugly, but very visible.

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    The Greatest Mission
    Jonathan Wiley—November 11

    Today we as a grateful nation pause to honor the men, women, and families who have provided and protected our country’s freedoms as part of our armed forces. Even though we live in an imperfect nation and a world deeply impacted by sin, we enjoy great privilege because our military excels at a very clear mission and is given to extraordinary sacrifice. Thank you!

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    Brothers, Pray for Us!
    Dan Hammers—November 9

    As we think about the history of the Church and the enterprise of carrying out her mission to “Go and make disciples of all nations,” we inevitably think of the Apostle Paul, who was the first—and arguably the greatest—missionary of all.

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    Good Reads: Tim Waggoner
    Tim Waggoner—November 6

    Pastor Tim displays the heart of a shepherd and his deep love for Jesus through the things he is drawn to read. Leaders are readers, and they serve best when they’re not running on empty. Proverbs 15:22 says, “Plans fail for lack of counsel, but with many advisers they succeed.”


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    The Lawsons’ & Dirscherls’ Stories
    Tyler Mitchell—September 27

    What does it mean to be the “aroma” of Christ? As Pastor Mike teaches from 2 Corinthians 2, he invites two families to share their “scent stories.” Kim and Ken Lawson have shared about Jesus in the local community through tangible witness opportunities, while George and Rebecca Dirscherl have been positive examples of Jesus in their neighborhood and workplace.

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    Matt Dickson’s Story
    Tyler Mitchell—September 6

    Matt first got plugged in at Grace by attending Right Start Bible Hour. Since then, he’s joined Grace Students and has been challenged to share Jesus with many people at his school and on his football team.

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    Will Hall’s Story
    Tyler Mitchell—September 6

    God’s Word can turn anyone into a believer. Just ask Will! After hearing the Gospel on an iPod (a gift from his mother), Will came to know Jesus and His saving power. Now, Will is sharing Jesus with everybody he rubs shoulders with.

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    Shari Stanley & Brian Elder’s Story
    Tyler Mitchell—September 6

    Shari and Brian have learned a lot by investing their time in Grace Polaris U. As a result, they’ve grown closer to Jesus and are better equipped to share His good news with others.

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    Karen Rugg-Klapheke’s Story
    Tyler Mitchell—August 23

    Through various trials, God has used Karen to encourage others, bless them, and point them to His glory.

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    John Barnhard’s Story
    Tyler Mitchell—January 11

    John lived an incredible life and left an impactful legacy. Hear how he got connected to Grace and how God changed his life through the Cancer Support Group. We celebrate that John is now with Jesus and are thankful that he left a generous gift so Grace can continue living out its mission.

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    Lisa Anglea
    Mike Seemueller—November 4

    This recent widow talks about the challenges she faced after being diagnosed with breast cancer on the heels of her husband’s death…and the strength God gave her to face each day.

  • story_The-Stanleys_thumb
    Beau & Stacey Stanley
    Mike Seemueller—September 2

    Young parents tell the story of a complicated pregnancy, and how God used their situation to strengthen their trust in His goodness.

  • story_Kim-Vucelich_thumb
    Kim Vucelich
    Mike Seemueller—May 1

    A normally vivacious wife and mom talks about being diagnosed with a rare type of cancer, and how God renewed her faith in His plan.

  • story_The-Ilers_thumb
    Kirk & Jenn Iler
    Mike Seemueller—February 5

    Blending two households is never easy…especially when it comes to money! The Ilers have learned a lot about managing their finances together through the Compass ministry.