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    Three Reasons You Should Pray Polaris
    Dustin Speaks—April 24

    Deciding how to use your Saturday morning is never easy because there’s always more to get done than we often have time for. The last thing any of us need is another event to attend and another thing to do. Our time is valuable, and it shouldn’t be spent on things that just keep us busy. Pray Polaris, though, is well worth our time!

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    Defining Moments of Prayer
    David Nicodemus—April 17

    The world is full of books and strategies on prayer that outline great ways to encounter God by approaching His throne with confidence. The Bible is filled with stories and passages that instruct us to pray and demonstrate how to do so. In addition to Scripture and good books, God has used some other “teachers” in my life that have shaped my prayer habits to this day.

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    Theological Starvation and Hungry Leaders
    Zac Hess—April 13

    I’m not much of a statistician. I have never been very good with numbers. In fact, I tell people that once numbers get beyond chapter and verse, I’m lost. But recently I was confronted with some numbers and statistics that I can’t stop thinking about.

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    To Haiti and Back
    Dustin Speaks—April 10

    As I walked into Grace’s worship service on Easter morning, my heart ached as I remembered where I was just one week prior (and the stark differences between the two places). It wasn’t long ago that I was worshipping at an orphanage in Cap-Haitien, Haiti, with the children living there, a handful of locals, and our short-term team from Grace.

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    What Does the Resurrection Mean for Us?
    Zac Hess—April 6

    Just yesterday we celebrated Easter—or Resurrection Sunday. This may be the most important day of the year for the Christian Church, but many do not understand why. Sure, some recognize it’s important (kind of like Christmas), but few can explain its centrality to the Christian faith.

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    The Marriage We Long For
    Gary Webb—April 3

    Recently I had the opportunity to spend a weekend away with my wife at a marriage retreat. It was a very small retreat (seven couples, including the lead couple). The setting was quiet, a place where one can step away for a moment to think, listen, meditate, pray, and talk. Unknown to me, this weekend was a key piece of a puzzle in what has been a long journey for me, personally.

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    Living on Mission in a Sexually Distorted World
    Zac Hess—March 30

    There is no societal challenge facing the church in North America more than our culture’s sexual ethic. Believers are regularly confronted with questions and lifestyles from family, coworkers, and neighbors related to cohabitation, divorce, and homosexuality. And for many, they are nervous to give a response.

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    Window on the World
    Dustin Speaks—March 27

    I am a family man. I have a wife, two kids, and another on the way. I even have a dog. One of the great responsibilities and challenges of being a family man is leading my family toward Christ. Recently, I was convicted of the fact that I hadn’t done a good job leading my children in developing a heart for the nations like Christ’s heart.

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    Pools and People
    Mike Yoder—March 25

    Passion Week is soon upon us. It’s a time when even our increasingly numb culture encounters the patterns and traditions of Palm Sunday, Good Friday, and Easter Sunday. Even individuals who aren’t convinced of a resurrection or the significance of a crucifixion can hardly avoid the signs and people who have embraced them both. I hope that includes you.

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    Whispering Oaks Kids Lunch Club
    Dustin Speaks—March 20

    Last summer Grace had nearly 100 people serving as volunteers at Westerville-area Kids Lunch Clubs—serving, loving, and investing in children and families in need. Each week over 300 meals were served to kids who otherwise were unlikely to have a lunch available to them. Following the meal we had opportunity to spend time talking with them, playing with them, and building relationships with them.