• post-thumbnail-sermons-2017-07-16
    Faith Alone
    Mike Yoder—July 16

    Faith is our initial and ongoing response to God’s grace, highlighted in the person of Jesus.

  • post-thumbnail-sermons-2017-07-09
    Grace Alone
    Mike Yoder—July 9

    Grace represents God’s gift to us, and the character and calling of those saved by Him.

  • 2017-07-02
    Scripture Alone
    Mike Yoder—July 2

    We are bound by the Scriptures. Our conscience is captive to the Word of God. Here we stand.

  • post-thumbnail-sermons-2017-06-25
    When God Bats Cleanup
    Mike Yoder—June 25

    God always gets the decisive at-bat, and it’s unfathomably good for His people.

  • post-thumbnail-sermons-2017-06-18
    It’s Outta Here!
    Gary Webb—June 18

    You can be faithful through the curveballs of life when you embrace the Author of your story.

  • post-thumbnail-sermons-2017-06-11
    Déjà Vu All Over Again
    Jonathan Wiley—June 11

    You can be faithful through the curveballs of life when you embrace the Author of your story.

  • post-thumbnail-sermons-2017-06-04
    Preparation for the Curve
    David Nicodemus—June 4

    You can be faithful through the curveballs of life when you embrace the Author of your story.

  • post-thumbnail-sermons-2017-05-28
    When a Church Goes All In
    Mike Yoder—May 28

    Are we willing to go big and go broke, in order to go forward with the Great Commission?

  • post-thumbnail-sermons-2017-05-21
    Deployment Discovery
    Dustin Speaks—May 21

    Jesus has a claim and a calling on the rest of your life. Are you discovering the details of enlistment?

Pastors’ Blog

  • post-thumbnail-blog-hopes-for-momentum
    Hopes for Momentum
    Matt Vosberg—July 17

    Each year Momentum Youth Conference is a highlight of the summer for our student ministry. There’s something about getting away for several days that helps you change your perspective and makes you more open to what God might want to say to you.

  • post-thumbnail-blog-Are-You-Equipped-to-Share-the-Gospel
    Are You Equipped to Share the Gospel?
    Zac Hess—July 14

    Given the challenges in evangelism, I’m thankful for training opportunities like StreetWise at Urban Hope, which serves to help give a passion for sharing Christ with others and equipping participants to do so with confidence.

  • post-thumbnail-blog-Nine-Tips-for-Becoming-a-Better-Reader
    Nine Tips for Becoming a Better Reader
    Danny Nathan—July 10

    While reading does come more naturally to some than others, I do think there are things everyone can do to improve their reading in both frequency and quality. You can become a reader.

  • post-thumbnail-blog-encountering-atlanta
    Encountering Atlanta
    Dan Green—July 7

    Sometimes the hardest place to begin to reach the nations is in your own neighborhood.

  • post-thumbnail-blog-going-going-gone
    Going, Going…Gone!
    Dustin Speaks—June 30

    Every summer Grace Polaris Church sends out short-term teams to engage in new cultures among new people for the sake of the Gospel. Participants hope to draw nearer to Christ and have an impact for Him in a variety of locations among a number of different types of people.

  • post-thumbnail-blog-this-entropic-motel
    This Entropic Motel
    Danny Nathan—June 26

    Entropy glorifies God by dissatisfying us until we seek something better; it drives us to seek the reality we know is supposed to be. It reveals God as the only perfection, the only ideal, the truest reality, and the only One who can fill our longing for permanence and perfection. He is what is supposed to be.

  • post-thumbnail-blog-a-working-vacation
    A Working Vacation
    Beau Stanley—June 23

    Camping has become a “thing” for the Stanley family. Each of the last several summers we have spent at least three days away in a state park campground, and the memories are great. The kids love it, the adults get to unwind and unplug, and things just happen at an altogether different pace.

  • post-thumbnail-blog-peanuts-get-your-peanuts
    Peanuts, Get Your Peanuts!
    Gary Webb—June 21

    The vendors at the baseball games herald their goods, making sure all in earshot know they can purchase what they are selling. “Peanuts, get your peanuts!” is one of my favorite vendor calls while watching a baseball game.

  • post-thumbnail-blog-The-Hero-the-People-Deserved,-and-the-One-They-Needed
    The Hero the People Deserved, and the One They Needed
    Guest Author—June 19

    In the midst of a book full of graphic violence about people groups we’re not familiar with and sins which look very different in our modern world than they did back then, we might be shocked to see this cycle is something that we easily fall into today!

  • post-thumbnail-blog-It's-All-About-the-Root
    It’s All About the Root
    David Nicodemus—June 16

    I’ve never been good at growing grass. I could be considered an expert at growing dandelions and other broadleaf weeds, much to the chagrin of my neighbors. One quick look at my lawn a few days after mowing will prove this to you.