september 2016

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  • post-thumbnail-blog-sharpening-our-focus
    Sharpening Our Focus
    David Nicodemus—September 30

    Retreats are valuable and every follower of Jesus should take time to withdraw to a safe place to refocus, refresh, reflect, and even retool.

  • post-thumbnail-comparing-bible-translations
    Comparing Bible Translations
    Beau Stanley—September 26

    It’s no secret that the Bible wasn’t written in English, but this fact often presents a barrier to some students of the Bible. They might ask, “Can I truly study the Bible accurately without knowing how to read Greek or Hebrew?”

  • post-thumbnail-blog-when-will-it-stop
    When Will it Stop?
    Zac Hess—September 23

    Do we look at the sin around us and say “I am the problem?” Do we have an honest enough view of sin and ourselves to say we’ve contributed to this mess?

  • post-thumbnail-blog-welcome-to-the-family
    Welcome to the Family!
    Dustin Speaks—September 19

    The Gospel is an adoption story! We, who were destined for death and destruction as a result of our sin, have been purchased by Jesus blood and brought into the family of God to live eternally with Him.

  • post-thumbnail-blog-a-fork-in-the-road
    A Fork in the Road
    David Nicodemus—September 16

    As I drove, the scenery wasn’t going to indicate that the direction on the highway I was driving was wrong. I wasn’t going to feel like my choice was wrong; after all, it was my sense of direction that lead me to where I was.

  • post-thumbnail-blog-parenting-with-a-purpose
    Parenting with a Purpose
    Mike Yoder—September 14

    Parenting has its challenges, regardless of age or season. But as children get older, the pace gets faster and, so it seems, the stakes of parenting become greater.

  • post-thumbnail-blog-the-road-to-hell-is-paved-with-adverbs
    The Road to Hell is Paved With Adverbs
    Beau Stanley—September 12

    Sometimes I think Christians have a way of “adverbializing” the Gospel. The good news of Jesus is supremely rich and has tremendous implications for life. We can mute its effect, though, by overcomplicating it and adding to it.

  • post-thumbnail-blog-core-value-we-embrace-risk-taking-faith
    Core Value: We Embrace Risk-Taking Faith
    Dustin Speaks—September 9

    At Grace, we are compelled to focus our energies and our resources on multiplying devoted followers of Jesus and for the sake of spreading Christ’s glory throughout the globe we will “embrace risk-taking faith.”

  • post-thumbnail-blog-unencumbered-joy
    Unencumbered Joy
    Danny Nathan—September 2

    There’s joy in walking, unencumbered, toward the heav’nly prize—
    The deepest peace in Jesus Christ, on whom we fix our eyes.

  • post-thumbnail-blog-unforgiveness-entangles
    Unforgiveness Entangles
    Mike Yoder—August 31

    Why does forgiveness matter? How does forgiveness work? What happens if I don’t forgive? This past week at Grace, we examined The Drag of Unforgiveness, looking at how this reality becomes a hindrance and a sin that easily entangles us in life.