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    You Keep Using that Word
    David Nicodemus—October 5

    At the heart of so much of our cultural confusion today is an impoverished understanding of what love truly is.

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    Hostile or Hungry?
    Mike Yoder—September 30

    What do people think about the Gospel? What do people think about us if we proclaim it? What do people long for to which the Gospel may have answers?

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    That Makes Me So Mad!
    Bernie Simmons—September 28

    I get ticked off when I see an injustice; you do too, we all do. Of course, our anger comes in various shades of colors. It ranges from a slightly pale irritability to blaring red-hot rage.

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    Good Reads: Matt Vosberg
    Matt Vosberg—September 25

    Grace, holiness, and taking ownership of your faith—Pastor Matt shares what’s on his reading list. Leaders are readers, and they serve best when they’re not running on empty. Proverbs 15:22 says, “Plans fail for lack of counsel, but with many advisers they succeed.”

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    Our Hindrances: Lack of Motivation
    Jonathan Wiley—September 23

    Let’s face it. We just love some things more than others. Give me chocolate over Brussels sprouts any day. While I have to muster up the motivation to get through the zucchini, at times I’ve needed someone to save me from myself around the Double-Stuff Oreos. Can you relate?

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    Henry Teaches Me Grace
    David Nicodemus—September 21

    My son Henry is a typical seven year old boy. One moment he listens, the next moment he couldn’t hear you if you shouted in his ear. He loves to play and get dirty and has no sense of time and schedule. Henry is also a typical child in that he likes fairness and justice.

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    Our Hindrances: Lack of Confidence
    Beau Stanley—September 18

    As any experienced witness for Christ will say, there is almost always a degree of discomfort in being a witness. If we want to gain experience representing Jesus verbally, we’d better not wait until we feel totally prepared.

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    The Fine Points of Forgiveness
    Mike Yoder—September 16

    Relationships are like a construction project: they can take lots of effort, time, and resources. This past Sunday at Grace, we examined topics of forgiveness, reconciliation, restoration, offense, and community life. We’re called to live at peace with all men, but we need clarity and motivation on how to do that.

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    Good Reads: Jonathan Wiley
    Jonathan Wiley—September 14

    Take a look into the heart of Pastor Jonathan as he shares what he reads.
    Leaders are readers, and they serve best when they’re not running on empty. Proverbs 15:22 says, “Plans fail for lack of counsel, but with many advisers they succeed.” Your pastoral staff at Grace loves to glean the wisdom of God that is found as we hear from many counselors.

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    Hope that Never Fades
    David Nicodemus—September 11

    Our world has changed so much since Tuesday morning, September 11, 2001. The changes in our lives are so dramatic but have become such a part of who we are that it’s easy to forget what life was like on September 10.