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    No Other Gospel: TGC National Conference Reflections
    Zac Hess—April 7

    This week most of our pastoral staff attend The Gospel Coalition National Conference in Indianapolis, IN along with 8,000 of our closest friends. Here are several takeaways from the conference…

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    God Helps Those Who Can’t Help Themselves
    Danny Nathan—April 3

    Dangerous ideas within faith often persist because they sound and feel vaguely religious. They tend to scratch our selfish itches in subtle ways, allowing us to still feel like we’re being very Christian while serving ourselves.

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    An Opportunity to See the World as God Does
    Dan Green—March 31

    God has told us to “make disciples of all nations.” If I’m honest, this is hard to do because there are a lot of people groups living in Columbus who are very different than me. I need help beginning new relationships with those who don’t share my culture and, in some cases, my language.

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    Country Boy to City Living to City Loving
    Zac Hess—March 24

    If people are moving to cities, then we need to be where people are. Therefore, we must move, live, and work in cities.

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    Our Mission Isn’t Changing
    Dustin Speaks—March 20

    Let’s be reminded of what God has truly called us to…not a building, not a capital campaign, not building our own kingdom. God has called us to multiply devoted followers of Jesus, and we are committed to chasing after that calling no matter what!

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    The Family Invention
    David Nicodemus—March 6

    As a part of a family, you have responsibilities. You have a role to play. The family of God needs you and you need the family of God. What an amazing invention, God’s family…and we get to be part of it!

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    My Gracious Dermatitis (Grace-a-titis)
    Danny Nathan—March 3

    What my flesh craves is not what God destined me for, nor what He knows is best for me. He has not only rescued me from my sin, but He continues to save me from myself…

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    The Siege of Jerusalem
    Beau Stanley—March 1

    The story of the siege of Jerusalem is not the most familiar story in the Bible. Not by a long shot.

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    One Thing Missing
    Bernie Simmons—February 27

    Can there be anything worse than a husband promising his wife he’ll pick up items on her grocery list on his way home, then when she’s unpacking the bags she says, “Where’s the milk? That was first on my list!”

  • post-thumbnail-blog-God-and-Mass-Killing
    God and Mass Killing
    Mike Yoder—February 24

    How can a loving God condone or even command the killing of whole groups of people? If we are to trust a deity who seems vengeful, how can we reconcile this with our sense of compassion and justice?