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    What’s in a Name?
    Gary Webb—December 4

    My father’s name was good. My father’s name opened a door for me that was not expected but was greatly appreciated.

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    Grasping the Promise
    Beau Stanley—November 29

    Given the amount of information we process, as well as our human tendency toward immediate gratification, we might chalk this promise up to be something to consider down the road. But this would be a mistake.

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    The Team of 12 That Went to Vidor
    Dan Green—November 27

    The recovery team of 12 from our church responded to help and arrived in Vidor, Texas — just 90 minutes east of Houston — on November 5. We sensed that God could use us to accomplish several purposes.

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    A Bleak Look at Black Friday
    Dustin Speaks—November 24

    Black Friday is almost like a national holiday in America. Many offices are closed and many people use vacation days to enjoy an extended weekend away from work. Some of those people, and maybe some of you, spend the day shopping as they seek to take advantage of special holiday sales to complete their Christmas shopping.

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    God’s Promises for the Ages
    Zac Hess—November 22

    During this season, let’s be more than just “good Americans” who eat turkey, watch football, and say a token Thanksgiving prayer before the festivities. Our thankfulness is rooted deeper than our citizenship; it’s born out of our rebirth!

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    Dirk Gently and the Clarity of Christ
    Danny Nathan—November 20

    Christ doesn’t give us all the answers. Much like the characters in the show, we only know what we need to know in order to pick up our cross and follow.

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    My Dental Identity
    Danny Nathan—November 13

    My worth is not built on how I look or how I act. It’s not based on my perfect smile or my perfect law keeping. It’s built on how God has chosen to deal with me in Christ.

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    The Priesthood of All Believers
    Guest Author—November 10

    In general, the priesthood of all believers is the idea that there is no legitimate distinction between the pastor/elder/overseer and the congregation when it comes to Christian life and practice. Believers have one Mediator between themselves and God, and He is Christ, not the pastor.

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    A Faith that Saves
    David Nicodemus—November 8

    We really don’t trust God. And so, we pile on the weight of rules, and privileges, and pride, and we march up to the righteous Judge and say, “look at me!”

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    What’s in Your Plan?
    Gary Webb—November 6

    What might be included in your “spiritual training plan?” Prayer, Scripture, fellowship with others, and sharing your faith might come to mind. All these things need to be included, but we need to think at the heart level.