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    Reaching the Least Reached Without Leaving Our City
    Dustin Speaks—February 20

    We believe God is able to do more than we can ask or imagine. We believe God is able to change hearts of stone into hearts of flesh. We believe that God is able to do the things that look impossible to us!

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    Pregnancy Decision Health Centers and Grace
    Jim Augspurger—February 17

    Grace Polaris Church and Pregnancy Decision Health Centers: this is a partnership that began 32 years ago when a task force was formed at Grace to investigate the possibility of establishing a pro-life pregnancy center in the northern part of Columbus.

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    I Promise!
    Jonathan Wiley—February 15

    “I promise.” Those are words you rarely hear from my mouth, and my upbringing has everything to do with it. My parents placed a premium on the truth. Lying was not tolerated. A promise was sacred and not to be spoken casually.

  • post-thumbnail-blog-Giving-Up-My-“My”s
    Giving Up My “Mys”
    Danny Nathan—February 13

    True change comes when it’s more painful to stay the same than it is to change. I guess that’s why God made marriage. Now that my “mys” are “ours,” all the self-chosen, velvet nooses I’ve slowly tied around my neck are now tied around her neck too.

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    The Clothes We Wear
    Matt Vosberg—February 10

    Just like the clothes we put on in the morning stay with us throughout our day, how we clothe ourselves spiritually each day stays with us as well.

  • post-thumbnail-blog-Resistance-Can-Be-Offensive
    Resistance Can Be Offensive
    Dan Green—February 6

    Resisting Satan can be an offensive weapon when we encounter resistance to the Gospel. We should be praying for those who are blinded to the glory of Jesus.

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    Super Bowls, Success, and Satisfaction
    Matt Vosberg—February 3

    Having tasted the thrill of victory as a fan, if I’m honest, I’m still left feeling a bit unsatisfied as life marches on.

  • post-thumbnail-blog-Passion-That's-Contagious
    Passion That’s Contagious
    Dustin Speaks—January 30

    Going into my recent trip I had some high expectations and hopes for what I might learn while in Haiti. However, I think I may have learned something even more beneficial and profound that wasn’t on my original list.

  • post-thumbnail-blog-the-power-of-grace
    The Power of Grace
    Beau Stanley—January 27

    Is it possible that one of the biggest barriers we face in disciple-making is that we are seeking to reach people who have built up resistance to Christianity by having been exposed to weakened or dead forms of it? Perhaps so.

  • post-thumbnail-blog-the-top-ten-pastors-blog-posts-oof-2016
    The Top Ten Pastors’ Blog Posts of 2016
    David Nicodemus—January 23

    If you’ve been a regular reader of this blog, thank you! I trust a few of these posts may remind you of some challenges you’ve received. If you only occasionally stumble upon the Pastors’ Blog, maybe you’ll be encouraged by some things you’ve missed.