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    Being on God’s Team
    Matt Vosberg—November 24

    As a guy who really likes sports, I’m always interested in a good sports movie. One of my favorite moments in many of these movies is when the coach addresses the team in order to drive them on to victory. I decided to take a similar opportunity, delivering a pregame speech in hopes of inspiring a football team on to greatness.

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    Impacting International Students for Jesus
    Dan Green—November 21

    Most of us will never learn another language, visit a place far away to share the Gospel, or start a church planting ministry among an unreached people group. However, that does not mean we can’t have a significant ministry right here where we live.

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    A Working Faith
    Mike Yoder—November 19

    What’s the place of good works in the lives of individuals before God? It’s a perennial question. Vats of ink have been spilled by theologians over the centuries in trying to answer this question. And enormous turmoil has been felt by ordinary people over the centuries in trying to understand this question. It doesn’t go away.

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    Go Back to School
    Gary Webb—November 17

    In my high school days, my study habits were…shall I say…not good. I didn’t take school seriously and I often missed lots of important things I needed to learn. If I took my high school approach with my children and spouse, I would have “flunked out.”

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    Relationships Matter
    Dustin Speaks—November 14

    As I was sitting in the Wilder Elementary library tutoring a new student from Somalia, I began to realize how important relationships are to the way we serve people. We were practicing simple flashcards in order to learn new sight words, but that was secondary to what was really happening—we were developing a new friendship!

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    Unanswered Prayer: Ask, Seek, Knock, Trust
    Jonathan Wiley—November 12

    God invites and delights in our pursuit of Him. And He loves to give good gifts to His children. Wow! That really is phenomenal! And that really is true. But what of unanswered prayer?

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    Under the Protection of the Almighty
    Tim Waggoner—November 10

    We live in a day where there is an awareness of the reality of terror and threat, both abroad and at home. Is there protection and security available to us? We find some peace from physical harm in our national and local defenses. However, is there an even more secure place—or person—available to us who believe?

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    Loving the Unloveable
    Dustin Speaks—November 7

    There are people in our community, in our city, and in our world that have been deemed “unloveable.” These are the people that everyone tries to ignore. How should we respond to them?

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    To Judge or Not to Judge?
    Mike Yoder—November 5

    This past Sunday at Grace, we examined Jesus’ forceful words in Matthew 7:1. There we saw that Jesus prohibits a judgmental, censorious, condemning interaction with other people. Such interactions usurp the role of God in knowing hearts and motives. Jesus particularly has relational patterns between His followers in view.

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    My Hope is Built On Nothing Less
    David Nicodemus—November 3

    This is the time of year that our TVs are filled with election advertisements and our neighborhood yards are littered with signs that promote (or defame) candidates for various positions. Election season brings with it many emotions ranging from despair to hope and from complacency to activism.