october 2016

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29oct9:00 AM- 1:00 PMMaker’s Moms Car Care

29oct1:00 PMLegacy of Honor & Honor Flight present Appreciate America

30oct8:30 AM- 12:00 PMGrace Polaris U

30oct8:30 AM- 9:35 AMClassic Worship Service

30oct10:00 AM- 11:15 AMGrace Students Middle School

30oct10:00 AM- 11:15 AMGrace Students presents 12 Mistakes Parents Should Avoid


  • post-thumbnail-sermons-2016-10-23b
    Holy Bodies
    Dustin Speaks—October 23

    Sexual purity reflects personal holiness, which pleases God.

  • post-thumbnail-sermons-2016-10-16
    Jonathan Wiley—October 16

    Paul delights in the Thessalonians’ faith, and yearns for their continued spiritual growth.

  • post-thumbnail-sermons-2016-10-09
    Heartsick Parents
    Mike Yoder—October 9

    Disciple-makers yearn for the presence and perseverance of their spiritual children.

  • post-thumbnail-sermons-2016-10-02
    The Resilience of the Gospel
    Zac Hess—October 2

    The resilience of the Gospel makes God’s people resilient.

  • post-thumbnail-sermons-2016-09-25
    Spiritual Pediatrics
    Mike Yoder—September 25

    Followers of Jesus make disciples through the sacrificial overflow of their lives.

  • post-thumbnail-sermons-2016-09-18
    The Transforming Variable
    Mike Yoder—September 18

    When the Gospel transforms lives, the collective picture is a beautiful sight.

  • post-thumbnail-sermons-2016-09-11
    Off the Rails and Deep in Need
    Mike Yoder—September 11

    Everyone is looking for a hope and an anchor. In a world like this, what are yours?

  • Front Page 2016-09-04
    REACH BEYOND: Vision Sunday
    Mike Yoder—September 4

    May we together, as Grace Polaris Church, be a people who in our time, in our day, left it all on the field. May we reach beyond!

  • Front Page 2016-08-28
    Unencumbered: The Drag of Unforgiveness
    Mike Yoder—August 28

    Forgiveness not shown is forgiveness not known.

Pastors’ Blog

  • post-thumbnail-blog-there-is-no-such-thing-as-financial-independence
    There is No Such Thing as Financial Independence
    Beau Stanley—October 27

    Planning is good, but there is a way we can plan that elevates our own perceived autonomy and minimizes the reality of God’s sovereignty.

  • post-thumbnail-blog-born-a-slave
    Born a Slave
    Dustin Speaks—October 24

    I was a captive from birth. I was never free. I was consumed by the lusts of my flesh, driven to satisfy every craving. I was a slave.

  • post-thumbnail-blog-training-leaders-for-the-spread-of-the-gospel
    Training Leaders for the Spread of the Gospel
    Zac Hess—October 21

    Pray for Pastor Dan Green and I as we leave to join Jason Carmean in Yaoundé, to lead a two week teaching module at the Bible Institute of Cameroon.

  • post-thumbnail-blog-it-always-makes-me-sad
    It Always Makes Me Sad
    Jonathan Wiley—October 19

    Friends, please don’t sit on the sidelines when it comes to your spiritual family, the church. You lose more than anyone. Give yourself away!

  • post-thumbnail-blog-Two-Approaches-to-Parenting
    Two Approaches to Parenting
    Gary Webb—October 17

    Take some time to think through who you are as a parent. These two approaches to parenting are radically different and can have an impact on your children, your children’s children, and your legacy for generations to come.

  • post-thumbnail-blog-freaks-&-geeks
    Freaks and Geeks
    Danny Nathan—October 14

    Boiled down to the very core of social interaction, there are two basic ways to treat people: I can either glorify God by loving people or I can use people to glorify myself.

  • post-thumbnail-blog-raising-our-voices
    Raising Our Voices
    Mike Yoder—October 12

    While God doesn’t answer prayer by the location of our bodies, the size of our groups, or the length of our petitions, those things are not irrelevant; for when they are fleeting, they can indicate the passion and dependence of our hearts.

  • post-thumbnail-blog-moving-from-good-to-great
    Moving From Good to Great
    Dustin Speaks—October 10

    What if we could turn the process of addition into something that multiplies? How could we take good fruitfulness and make it great?

  • post-thumbnail-blog-Sometimes-We're-a-Mess
    Sometimes We’re a Mess
    Matt Vosberg—October 7

    We learned in order to live a victorious life as a follower of Jesus, we need to partner with Him. We need His power in our lives because we can’t ever have victory on our own, but we also need to strive for holiness and a partnership with Him.

  • post-thumbnail-blog-The-Extraordinary-Mission-for-Ordinary-People
    The Extraordinary Mission for Ordinary People
    Zac Hess—October 5

    God has designed us to use His proclaimed Gospel, not just from a platform, but in personal conversations to change the lives of people far off from Him. This is not for extraordinary people, but ordinary people like you and me.