Sunday Morning— March 8, 2015 8 30 -14400

Classic Worship


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    Faith Like Abraham: Taking Matters Into Our Own Hands
    Mike Yoder—March 1

    When we attempt to accomplish God’s promised plans using human calculation and wisdom, we will only complicate our lives and tarnish God’s glory.

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    Faith Like Abraham: The Covenant Unveiled
    Mike Yoder—February 22

    God is faithful from start to finish, willing to take all the risks on our behalf to prove His credibility and power. He is totally reliable, whatever our response.

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    Faith Like Abraham: God Gives Victory
    Mike Yoder—February 16

    Guest speaker Dr. Tiberius Rata continues the series looking at Genesis 14 asking the question Is Jesus Your Savior?

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    Faith Like Abraham: The Shame of Shortcuts
    Mike Yoder—February 8

    Abram thought the fulfillment of God’s promise was in danger. But God is more powerful than any threatening circumstance. We should take note…and stop pretending to be God.

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    Faith Like Abraham: The Promise Unveiled
    Mike Yoder—February 1

    God’s call on Abraham’s life was unique and world-changing. Abraham’s trust was commendable and pattern-setting. Do you have faith like Abraham in God’s promises?

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    The Gospel From Us
    Mike Yoder—January 25

    Today, Pastors Mike Yoder, Dan Green and Dustin Speaks will follow those Gospel writers to form most of our path of exploration for “The Gospel FROM Us.”

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    The Gospel Through Us
    Mike Yoder—January 18

    Pastors Dustin Speaks and Mike Yoder talk on how to spread the Gospel through us.

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    The Gospel in Us
    Mike Yoder—January 11

    This week, we are turning our attention to the logical, vital next step: “How should we respond?” What do I do with the Good News that has been announced to us?

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    The Gospel to Us
    Mike Yoder—January 5

    The Gospel is the GOOD NEWS that God has intervened in the midst of a sinful, broken world on behalf of sinful, broken people.

Pastors’ Blog

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    Pray for Haiti
    Dustin Speaks—March 6

    Haiti is a country that has been plagued with difficulties over the course of its history. Wars, diseases, and natural disasters have haunted the nation, and the effects are still being felt to this day. It is a land of immense physical and spiritual need, and God has given us—Grace Polaris Church—the opportunity to jump in and serve alongside Caribbean Vision Ministries this spring.

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    Creative Disobedience
    David Nicodemus—March 2

    My kids are creative. If you have kids, they’re probably creative, too. Every week my wife and I accumulate upward of 100 paper kid-crafts from various sources. If I’m honest, very few of them make it into the Nicodemus family hall of fame. Some weeks, none of them make the cut.

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    The Faithful in Egypt
    Zac Hess—February 27

    It’s hard to ignore the state of affairs in the Middle East today. Daily reports include the intentional and systematic persecution and execution of Christians. A video was recently released of 21 young Christian Egyptian men who were beheaded in Libya. These awful developments cause a variety of responses, ranging from anger to sadness.

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    Experiencing the Impossible
    Mike Yoder—February 25

    “You can’t do it. It’s impossible.” Of all the things that we can be told, this has to rank as one of the hardest to hear. As Americans, many of us are ingrained with a “can do” attitude and “anything is possible” mentality. As a people with built-in social, educational, or economic advantages, many of us have embraced a “the sky’s the limit” assumption.

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    Can Helping Hurt?
    Dan Green—February 23

    It is estimated that 40 percent of the earth’s inhabitants try to live on less than two dollars a day. That fact is hard for us in the US to comprehend. We have so much in comparison to the rest of the world. The needs of the world are obvious and more visible each day if we spend any time beyond our own life and neighborhood.

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    The Plight of the Refugee
    Dustin Speaks—February 20

    Not many know the difficult stories behind the arrival of a refugee in the United States—and few ever ask. The reality is that tens of thousands of refugees have settled in Columbus, only to be ignored by a majority of the other residents of this city. It’s time that we take notice and begin engaging in their lives!

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    God Gives Victory
    Mike Yoder—February 18

    This guest post is written by Dr. Tiberius Rata, assistant dean of the School of Ministry Studies and professor of Old Testament Studies at Grace College & Theological Seminary. Dr. Rata is passionate about instilling in his students a love for God and His inerrant Word so they can be pillars in their churches, leaders in their work places, and model citizens in their communities.

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    Marriage and the Gospel
    Zac Hess—February 16

    On Saturday, February 7, 75 couples from Grace gathered for Couple’s Night Out. It was a great evening of fun as we talked and laughed the whole night. It also provided an opportunity to introduce the Marriage Action Team that serves our church by caring for and encouraging marriages.

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    Failing to Pray?
    David Nicodemus—February 13

    We pray when our hearts are broken. We pray when all hope seems lost. We pray when we are angered by injustice (usually injustice that personally affects us). We pray when we believe it will actually work.

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    Encompass Church Planting Network
    Zac Hess—February 9

    I couldn’t be more excited about the Church Planting Network through Encompass World Partners. As I watched this video earlier last week my heart burned with excitement as I considered and dreamed of how God will use new churches all over the world to draw people to himself as Jesus Christ is proclaimed.