• Through Fits & Starts
    Mike Yoder—March 18

    Peter was transformed by multiple unforgettable encounters with Jesus in moments of fame and shame. You can be transformed, too.

  • Following Jesus Through the Minefields of Culture
    Guest Author—March 11

    Jesus sets before us an amazing example of how to bridge cultural divides to bring others to Him.

  • To See or Not To See
    Mike Yoder—March 4

    In order to see, you need the Great Physician to open your eyes. The results are spectacular.

  • Of Saints & Scoundrels
    Jonathan Wiley—February 25

    Only Jesus can make saints out of scoundrels. Have you discovered Him as your greatest treasure?

  • Exposure & Embrace
    Mike Yoder—February 18

    To encounter Jesus is to be exposed for all you are and to reach out in embrace for all He is.

  • Lord Have Mercy?
    Beau Stanley—February 11

    When Jesus confronts you with His power, will you trust in His mercy?

  • When Jesus Comes Calling
    Mike Yoder—February 4

    Those who recognize the call of Christ are willing to abandon their most trusted identities and activities to follow Him.

  • A Courageous Witness
    Mike Yoder—January 28

    Devoted followers of Jesus are courageous witnesses to Jesus as Savior and Lord.

  • An Equipped Servant
    Mike Yoder—January 21

    Devoted followers of Jesus mature spiritually and serve others humbly.

Pastors’ Blog

  • Untitled Poem
    Danny Nathan—March 9

    The tattered, filthy, stinky man
    Slumps against the dumpster.
    His eyes are glazing, glassy, and
    His hair is mussed and knotted.

  • The Apostles’ Teachings
    Dan Green—March 5

    Sometimes I’ve thought that if I had been a part of the early Church and personally heard the teaching of the Apostles, then I would be a better witness than I am today.

  • Relationship is the Context for Discipleship
    Dustin Speaks—March 2

    Recently I’ve been disturbed by a trend I see in American church culture. Basically, we tend to relegate discipleship to the classroom, hoping that people who get the right kind of information will begin to live the right kind of lives.

  • Carried Through Difficult Circumstances
    Gary Webb—February 26

    Have you ever felt like your life was a little like the Warner Brothers’ Roadrunner cartoon of the 60s and 70s? Unfortunately, your character is not the roadrunner, who miraculously escapes every peril. Instead, yours is that of the coyote.

  • Is Grace Unmanly?
    Beau Stanley—February 23

    Is it possible that we might lack zeal not because we’ve made too much of grace but because we’ve made too little of it?

  • The Reliability and Value of John 8
    Mike Yoder—February 21

    Few people doubt that its message from Jesus and its historicity match what we find elsewhere in the Bible. But many people doubt whether it belongs as holy Scripture in this part of John, in the Gospels, and indeed in the Bible itself.

  • You Can’t Have Monday–Saturday Discipleship Without Sunday
    Zac Hess—February 19

    My kids were essentially sick for the entire month of January. I cleaned up more vomit in that month than I have in a lifetime, and it’s a miracle our son didn’t end up in the hospital due to dehydration.

  • The Important Concept of Gender Complementarity
    Beau Stanley—January 26

    People have always recognized the physical differences between men and women, of course, but since the 1960s it’s been controversial to speak of non-physical differences between the genders.

  • Options in Worship?
    Mike Yoder—January 17

    We’re tempted to ask “Which of those areas am I responsible for? Can I choose one area of my life — either time or talents or treasures — to be a worshipper of God?”

  • My Stacker Addiction
    David Nicodemus—January 15

    When you’ve tasted something so good and so life-changing, you want your friends, family, neighbors, coworkers, and even strangers to taste the same thing. You want them to love what you love.