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  • post-thumbnail-blog-the-danger-of-assuming-the-gospel
    The Danger of Assuming the Gospel
    Zac Hess—October 20

    I’m thankful to have grown up in a church that preached the Gospel very clearly. However, I subtly began to assume the Gospel in my own life. I knew that the Gospel was necessary for evangelism and to “get someone saved,” but I did not think much about the ongoing work of the Gospel in my own life.

  • post-thumbnail-blog-hope-for-franklinton
    Hope for Franklinton
    Dustin Speaks—October 17

    Hope is hard to come by in the inner city, because day-to-day realities beat people down and leave them utterly hopeless. How much more is this the case for the children in these communities?

  • post-thumbnail-blog-how-can-i-serve
    How Can I Serve?
    Zac Hess—October 13

    Some young adults from my local church recently approached me, expressing interest in ministry involvement and wondering if there were any areas of ministry in which they could get involved. My initial reaction was, “I can’t think of anything off the top of my head, but I will keep you in mind.” What does this reveal about how I view and understand ministry?

  • post-thumbnail-training-resources-practical-tips-for-prayer
    Training Resource: Practical Tips for Prayer
    Beau Stanley—October 3

    Some of us live with a constant low-level guilt from unfulfilled prayer commitments. Praying for people is tricky. Quickly we get overextended in an endeavor we already bungle.

  • post-thumbnail-blog-The-Spiritually-Needy
    The Spiritually Needy
    Dan Green—September 29

    Matthew, being a tax collector, wasn’t the most likely person to become a follower of Jesus. It looks like Matthew found in Jesus that “treasure” that he was willing to “sell” everything in order to have.

  • post-thumbnail-blog-Pray-for-the-Nations
    Pray for the Nations!
    Dustin Speaks—September 26

    All Christians are called to be a part of God’s mission to reach all the nations with the good news of the Gospel. Unfortunately, many Christians sit on the sideline ignoring God’s call to get engaged in what He is doing around the world.

  • post-thumbnail-blog-Background-Noise
    Background Noise
    Gary Webb—September 22

    Sometimes our lives are so jam-packed with stuff we don’t know if we are coming or going! If this is the case, take some time away for the sole purpose to assess your schedule and priorities. Get your “compass” out to determine the direction of your life and relationships.

  • post-thumbnail-blog-I-Want-God-to-Change-Columbus
    I Want God to Change Columbus!
    Dustin Speaks—September 19

    I have lived in Columbus, Ohio for the bulk of my life. I have seen many changes here in the past 28 years, some good and some bad. When I was a child, I cared about entertainment, fun, and how Columbus could serve me better. Now I am starting to see things differently.

  • post-thumbnail-blog-Salty-Speech
    Salty Speech for Royal Witness
    Mike Yoder—September 17

    If you want to be salt and light for Jesus Christ, developing some salty speech would do wonders! “Salty speech?” you wonder. For many, that reminds us of the type of language that we have often associated with sailors and—let’s face it—a large number of our encounters in daily life. “Surely Jesus wouldn’t want us to speak in a ‘salty’ way, would He?” you protest.

  • post-thumbnail-blog-Closed-for-Remodel
    Closed for Remodel
    David Nicodemus—September 15

    I’m completely serious when I say that Burger King is one of my favorite restaurants. A few years ago when our family moved to Columbus, I was overjoyed to discover a Burger King just a few blocks away from my house. It was only a few weeks later that I was alerted to the condition of my beloved Burger King: they had placed a notice on their sign that read “Closed for Remodel”.