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    Family Dysfunction and God’s Plan
    Beau Stanley—December 19

    It seems I’m always trying a new Bible reading plan in an attempt to get through the Bible in a year. One time, however, I went on turbo. I decided to try a Bible reading plan that goes through the Bible in 90 days. Predictably I didn’t make it through.

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    How do You See Jesus?
    David Nicodemus—December 15

    You may not think of Jesus as a tough guy, but what we think about Jesus and how we see Him is incredibly important. We often think of Him as weak and wimpy, looking at people with his piercing eyes, searching for someone to hug. But Jesus was tough.

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    The Opportunity of Christmas
    Dustin Speaks—December 12

    The Christmas season is often consumed by busy schedules focused on family gatherings, shopping for gifts, and extended times of personal indulgence. The cultural wrappings of Christmas can overwhelm our sense of the true meaning and opportunity that we have during this special season. Is there more to this wonderful holiday?

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    Does Doctrine Matter?
    Mike Yoder—December 10

    “Doctrine matters.” For some people—perhaps you—that statement seems obvious. For many others, however, there’s nothing obvious about such a statement. And among such people are many who are regular participants in a church.

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    Who do You Worship?
    Zac Hess—December 8

    There is no doubt that North America is growing increasingly secular. The number of people who claim no religious affiliation is growing and church attendance is down. But does this mean worship is on the decline as well? Not necessarily.

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    Your Calling and God’s Glory
    Beau Stanley—December 5

    Several years ago I experienced one of the most fascinating things I’ve ever seen since being a pastor at Grace. A friend of mine, who happens to be a neurosurgeon, allowed me to shadow him as he performed a lower spine surgery and a neck surgery. Wow!

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    How Should We Respond to Persecution?
    Dan Green—December 1

    Recent reports of persecution in northern Iraq, where Christians are being beheaded if they do not convert to Islam, have been confirmed. What should our response be as followers of Jesus? Hebrews gives us a good place to start.

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    Serving Together
    Dustin Speaks—November 28

    We live in an individualistic society that constantly promotes self-actualization and personal fulfillment. We carry that attitude into every area of our lives, including our service. What would it look like if we linked arms to pursue the cause of Christ as a body, instead of merely as individuals?

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    Being on God’s Team
    Matt Vosberg—November 24

    As a guy who really likes sports, I’m always interested in a good sports movie. One of my favorite moments in many of these movies is when the coach addresses the team in order to drive them on to victory. I decided to take a similar opportunity, delivering a pregame speech in hopes of inspiring a football team on to greatness.

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    Impacting International Students for Jesus
    Dan Green—November 21

    Most of us will never learn another language, visit a place far away to share the Gospel, or start a church planting ministry among an unreached people group. However, that does not mean we can’t have a significant ministry right here where we live.