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    Godly Citizenship and Voting
    Mike Yoder—October 31

    On Tuesday, November 4, millions of Americans will cast their ballot for the next government leaders. It’s a time-honored tradition and a great privilege for our time and place. Billions of people worldwide have no such opportunity, and countless Americans have sacrificed so that we might. God has truly shown us His favor—undeserved!

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    Don’t Miss Out!
    Dustin Speaks—October 29

    Once a year, we have the opportunity to join in with how God is moving around the world through the Day of Generosity. This Sunday, November 2, is that day. Don’t miss out!

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    Some of the Best Leadership Involves Four-Letter Words.
    Mike Yoder—October 27

    Recently, a number of Grace staff members gathered for a regular meeting. Jim Augspurger, our executive pastor, led the meeting. He opened by passing out an article on “How Leaders Dilute Their Impact.” The content proved to be quite insightful.

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    What Breaks Your Heart?
    David Nicodemus—October 24

    Fifteen years ago I found myself on “The T,” Boston’s subway system, traveling the city and enjoying the history of colonial America. As I scurried through the turnstile and headed for the exit, something struck me that has branded an image on my heart for many years.

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    The Danger of Assuming the Gospel
    Zac Hess—October 20

    I’m thankful to have grown up in a church that preached the Gospel very clearly. However, I subtly began to assume the Gospel in my own life. I knew that the Gospel was necessary for evangelism and to “get someone saved,” but I did not think much about the ongoing work of the Gospel in my own life.

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    Hope for Franklinton
    Dustin Speaks—October 17

    Hope is hard to come by in the inner city, because day-to-day realities beat people down and leave them utterly hopeless. How much more is this the case for the children in these communities?

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    How Can I Serve?
    Zac Hess—October 13

    Some young adults from my local church recently approached me, expressing interest in ministry involvement and wondering if there were any areas of ministry in which they could get involved. My initial reaction was, “I can’t think of anything off the top of my head, but I will keep you in mind.” What does this reveal about how I view and understand ministry?

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    Training Resource: Practical Tips for Prayer
    Beau Stanley—October 3

    Some of us live with a constant low-level guilt from unfulfilled prayer commitments. Praying for people is tricky. Quickly we get overextended in an endeavor we already bungle.

  • post-thumbnail-blog-The-Spiritually-Needy
    The Spiritually Needy
    Dan Green—September 29

    Matthew, being a tax collector, wasn’t the most likely person to become a follower of Jesus. It looks like Matthew found in Jesus that “treasure” that he was willing to “sell” everything in order to have.

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    Pray for the Nations!
    Dustin Speaks—September 26

    All Christians are called to be a part of God’s mission to reach all the nations with the good news of the Gospel. Unfortunately, many Christians sit on the sideline ignoring God’s call to get engaged in what He is doing around the world.