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    Prayer Drives Mission
    Dustin Speaks—September 25

    I am an activist. I want to get up and do something. I want my life to count. One way that I feel significant is if I am busy doing things that contribute to a larger cause. Can you relate?

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    What Bible Translation Should I Use?
    Beau Stanley—September 22

    The question, “What Bible translation should I use?” unfortunately has no direct answer, since the question implies that one translation is better than the others in all instances — and that is not accurate.

  • post-thumbnail-blog-Till-Jesus-Came-it-had-never-happened
    Until Jesus Came…It Had Never Happened
    Bernie Simmons—September 18

    Maybe you have noticed something I observed about the uniqueness of Jesus’ life here on earth…

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    Hurricane Relief & Crisis Response
    Dustin Speaks—September 15

    When major disasters happen, God’s people have an opportunity to respond with compassion, love, and mercy that points others to Christ and gives Him great glory. We see people in need and we ask God to use us to show and share the love of Christ in those places among those people.

  • post-thumbnail-blog-renovation-for-effectiveness-in-central-france
    Renovation for Effectiveness in Central France
    Dan Green—September 8

    The Château is in a new phase of challenges as they update their facility to welcome new people and initiate new evangelistic and discipleship ministries for youth and adults.

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    Be Encouraged, Be United, Know Jesus
    Guest Author—September 1

    Jesus wants women to be encouraged. He wants us to be united in love. He wants us to have the treasures of wisdom and knowledge. But, most importantly, Jesus wants us to know Him!

  • post-thumbnail-blog-the-value-of-a-good-question
    The Value of a Good Question
    Beau Stanley—August 25

    When we ask good questions, we demonstrate to people that we are interested in what they have to say. We enable ourselves to understand their viewpoints.

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    Football Season: Distraction or Opportunity?
    Dustin Speaks—August 21

    People all over our city and country will be gathering around televisions to watch football on Saturdays and Sundays from the beginning of September until the beginning of February, so let’s be intentional and take advantage of this massive cultural opportunity!

  • post-thumbnail-blog-Reflections-of-a-Pastoral-Intern
    Reflections of a Pastoral Intern
    Guest Author—August 18

    I’ve learned more through this internship than I can express in 700 words. However, for the sake of time and the reader not getting bored, here are the two things which impacted me most…

  • post-thumbnail-blog-A-Bloody-Cross-Saves,-but-a-Burning-Cross-Damns
    A Bloody Cross Saves, but a Burning Cross Damns
    Zac Hess—August 14

    The reality of the Gospel is that our cross is not burning, but that it’s bleeding. The bloody cross of Christ is where God and man meet and where we become one with our brothers and sisters from all backgrounds.