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    Multiplication, Not Addition!
    Dustin Speaks—July 3

    What if you could reach over 2,000 people with the Gospel in the next eight years? What if 2,000 people were baptized because of your ministry in less than a decade? Can you imagine it? How would you feel if you knew your life had been used by God to reach so many? It may be more possible than you think!

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    An Update from Central Asia
    Dan Green—June 22

    Sy Belohlavek, one of our global workers, recently made a brief visit to Columbus to attend a textile convention to promote his project in Central Asia and look for potential buyers of cashmere. Sy was able to bring us up-to-date on the cashmere project and how it’s helping him build authentic relationships with Central Asians—which can be difficult for an American outsider. To say the least, the success of the project depends on many factors both in a business and spiritual sense.

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    The Call to Follow Jesus is a Call to Mission
    Dustin Speaks—June 19

    The call to follow Jesus is also a call to embrace His mission. From each of the four gospel accounts we have the opportunity to see Jesus’ heart for the lost, as well as His call to His followers to carry out that mission. This was never an option for someone who claimed to walk with Christ, but always an expectation.

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    Be a Fan of Your City
    Zac Hess—June 15

    There are a lot of challenges to living in a city. Some people are bothered by crowds, smells, lack of space, and traffic (I’ve never met anyone who enjoyed a traffic jam). Others don’t appreciate the diversity of a city. It doesn’t take long to be confronted by people who look, behave, believe, vote, and value different things than what you do.

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    What is Ramadan?
    Dustin Speaks—June 12

    Ramadan is a mysterious practice to many in the Western world who are not closely acquainted with Islam. Many know that it is one of the unique practices of Muslims, but beyond that, they don’t know very much. Living in a city with nearly 100,000 Muslim people, its good for us to have a better idea about what the practice means and how it presents an opportunity for us to seize.

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    Don’t Waste Your Summer
    Zac Hess—June 8

    It’s summer time, or almost. Most college students have completed their spring semester, finals are in the rearview mirror, and high school seniors are eagerly awaiting graduation. Summer jobs are beginning and many college-age young adults are looking forward to relaxing and catching up with friends during the sweet summer time.

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    Be a Sender!
    Dustin Speaks—June 5

    “Go therefore and make disciples of all nations…” I can’t get this command out of my head. Of all the instructions that Jesus gave to His followers, this one has become paramount in my life. I view my purpose and role in this world to be making disciples of Jesus and helping others do the same.

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    God at Work Today
    Mike Yoder—June 3

    Can God work today in similar, supernatural ways like He did back in the days of the early Church? Does He do so? What should we expect or believe in regard to how God works today?

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    Pray for the Kids Lunch Club
    Dustin Speaks—May 29

    Kids Lunch Club is finally here! After months of preparation, it’s time to get started pouring our lives into the children of Northland by serving them food, playing games with them, and sharing the Gospel of Jesus.

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    Looking for Evangelistic Success in All the Wrong Places
    Dustin Speaks—May 15

    I have been concerned with many of the questions that I have gotten recently about being a witness for Jesus. I’m not really concerned about the fact that I’m being asked questions on the topic, but rather by the content of the questions themselves.